OSAS GENERAL TRADING will be pleased to provide its customers with the best service offerings as follows:

  • Facilitating communication with the best Turkish manufacturers and companies in all industrials sector and for all types of Turkish products according to the needs of our customers.
  • Providing complete provision of goods and services from the best Turkish manufacturers and companies at competitive prices.
  • Providing detailed information on products according to the characteristics required by our customers.
  • Negotiating best deals and prices from Turkish manufacturers and companies.
  • Obtaining detailed quotations from Turkish manufacturers and companies without additional fees and/or commissions.
  • Providing photos and samples of some products when needed.
  • Visiting manufacturers and companies during the loading process and providing evidence to customers (photos, videos etc.).
  • Other related services such logistics services by contacting and obtaining best quotations from different shipping companies etc..

Upon receipt of customized reports, our customers will be able to review and choose among the offers suggested by Turkish manufacturers and companies that best meet their needs.

OSAS TRADING will be pleased to handle the orders of its customers according to the terms and conditions of the service contracts.